Tuesday, October 21


So what can I say about the annual Tanner Jam ‘08 that took place over this weekend, other than that it was one of the best turn outs I’ve been to in a while for the skate scene on Long Island. Huge kickflip transfers and big backside grabs, while so many heads came out to support and watch.

Dan Pheos from Hazel along with his team riders Mike Fuchs, Scott Sutherland, and myself, Lou Rivera were in the mix. Thanks to Kate D'Aquila and Sam Hendrickson from Red Bull for keeping everyone energized. Dave Seltzer from Vans also came through with his flow riders Nick Sassa and Jason (Roy) Kinzel. Oscar Wagenbuchler from Bodega represented with his team riders as well.

Joe Mata from the Oakley brand came through to support the cause, as well as Harley, Rob Cambell, and Robert Lopez from Substance skateboards. Ray Frecht of Prize Fighter Cutlery showed presence with his crew of shredders that included Nick Sassa and Brett Conti. We can’t forget Special Sauce and Chris Santucci showing love with our team of assassins Pat Rumney, Sean Wallace, Luke Melaney, and also include Nick Sassa, Brett Conti, and of course yours truly Lou Rivera. Last but not least we have to give a big thanks to the man always behind the lens, Tony of Memento photography for capturing every moment. He was taking a mass amount of photos, while lending a hand around the park along with many other young guns. The day was topped off with the added bonus of free giveaways that went out to all who came to support.

To wrap things up, we were all able to enjoy skating in its purest form, as well as skate with some impressive locals and those from out of town. The contest in itself was amazing, with a well worth and worthy prize. Practically everyone walked away with something and went home happy. Visit the Tanner Skate Park Myspace to view pictures.


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