Friday, October 31


Nike SB has collaborated once again with skate graphic artist and photographer
Todd Bratrud to produce his latest signature skate high since the "Send Help" release. The Quickstrike release features a brown suede upper, with fuschia patent leather swoosh and trim, and blue denim canvas on the rear. Available now at Sauce.

Wednesday, October 29


Last week the good folks from Orisue stopped by Special Sauce for a visit. We want to give a big shout of thanks to Allen, Alain, Wexx, Big Matt, and Lexx for reaching out to us and spreading the Sauce word on their Blog. In case you don't know, they are an established and well respected street wear line going strong since 2006. Get to know this lifestyle brand and their involvement within the skate community HERE. Stay tuned in the '09 for Orisue creations to drop.

Tuesday, October 28


Aerosol assassin at large Semor, recently held his exhibition "Urban Vibes" in Hamm-Sieg, Germany. He sent us a few choice snapshots of his latest works. Be on the lookout as S.A.U.C.E will be hosting an exclusive gallery showing with him for next April in the '09. In the meantime take a look at some of his canvas creations, and learn more about the man behind the spraycan in an interview HERE

Sunday, October 26


Much thanks to BabakONE for for his news drop via Graffiti Magazine...

Beautiful Losers takes a retrospective look into the lives of once unknown artists in the early '90's, and their personal journey toward the road to recognition within the art world today. Directed by Aaron Rose and Joshua Leonard, the film highlights a variety of notable artists including Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee(TWIST), and Mike Mills. Fueled and influenced by skateboarding, surf, punk, hip hop, & the graffiti scene, they discuss how this street movement attributed toward ingniting the pop culture today. For more information visit Beautiful Losers.


Beautiful Losers Film Trailer on .

Saturday, October 25


Oakley drops their latest Frogskins in collaboration with artist Andrew Petterson. The limited release will consist of 50 one of a kind hand painted frames created by Petterson himself. Only 25 shops will be allocated, with 2 pairs given to each location worldwide. If that wasn't exclusive enough for you, each pair of sunglasses will be sealed in black packaging to be sold as a sort of "Cracker Jack" secret toy surprise. Come get some super flossin' freshness at the Sauce!

Wednesday, October 22


Whether you love or hate it, the "Fuck Soho" t-shirt from the Queens based movement Secret Society is here. Apart of their "Think Different" Fall '08 Collection, the graphic design has created undeniable buzz among the street wear community, with its blatant shots at some of NYC's premier trend boutiques- Flight Club, Clientele, Supreme, Kid Robot, Bathing Ape, as well as street artist Kaws. However you want to interpret it, Secret Society is bringing the noise by dropping awareness on equally deserving brands and boutiques outside the Manhattan line border. Currently available at S.A.U.C.E, in white, royal, and navy for Men, and in a limited quantity of pink for the ladies.


The latest installment video from the group known as the Sprinkle Brigade.
They provide artistic solutions for the public toward the fight against crap.

Tuesday, October 21


So what can I say about the annual Tanner Jam ‘08 that took place over this weekend, other than that it was one of the best turn outs I’ve been to in a while for the skate scene on Long Island. Huge kickflip transfers and big backside grabs, while so many heads came out to support and watch.

Dan Pheos from Hazel along with his team riders Mike Fuchs, Scott Sutherland, and myself, Lou Rivera were in the mix. Thanks to Kate D'Aquila and Sam Hendrickson from Red Bull for keeping everyone energized. Dave Seltzer from Vans also came through with his flow riders Nick Sassa and Jason (Roy) Kinzel. Oscar Wagenbuchler from Bodega represented with his team riders as well.

Joe Mata from the Oakley brand came through to support the cause, as well as Harley, Rob Cambell, and Robert Lopez from Substance skateboards. Ray Frecht of Prize Fighter Cutlery showed presence with his crew of shredders that included Nick Sassa and Brett Conti. We can’t forget Special Sauce and Chris Santucci showing love with our team of assassins Pat Rumney, Sean Wallace, Luke Melaney, and also include Nick Sassa, Brett Conti, and of course yours truly Lou Rivera. Last but not least we have to give a big thanks to the man always behind the lens, Tony of Memento photography for capturing every moment. He was taking a mass amount of photos, while lending a hand around the park along with many other young guns. The day was topped off with the added bonus of free giveaways that went out to all who came to support.

To wrap things up, we were all able to enjoy skating in its purest form, as well as skate with some impressive locals and those from out of town. The contest in itself was amazing, with a well worth and worthy prize. Practically everyone walked away with something and went home happy. Visit the Tanner Skate Park Myspace to view pictures.


Monday, October 20


An interesting take on violence depicted by some of our favorite childhood cartoon characters. Artist James Cauty shows his latest exhibition entitled "Splatter" at The Aquarium in London and runs until November 8th.
Visit here for more pics.

(A more realistic version of the term "A Game of Cat and Mouse")

Sunday, October 19


At the end of this October, Zoo York will drop it's exclusive deck featuring Jenna Jameson. Nineteen-Ninety-Three was the year that Zoo York established itself in New York City, and Jameson emerged into the world of adult entertainment. Now fifteen years later, Zoo York and Jenna Jameson mark this moment in time with a collaborative skateboard illustrated and designed by CollaBros.. The release will be limited to 500 decks, and made available through specialty retail shops only. Retail for $75.00(US). Check back for the drop.

UPDATE (10/25): Jenna has entered the building. Grab her while she's still hot.

A recap of the Tanner Jam to follow...

Thursday, October 16


The Sauce Blog presents the first of many updates to come. Our objective is to service you with news on gems dropping daily, the latest happenings that interest us, as well as local rants from the certifiably insane. We know what you're thinking, "Why did it take us so long to start a blog?". The answser simply is: Don't start anything if you don't put the time and effort into it. The next thing you might probably ask is: "Is it true that you are opening a new shop?" Most definitely yes. It's been a long time in the making, with much emphasis put toward timing and perfecting a locale. It so happened the opportunity finally presented itself, and for us to not jump on this blessing would notably deem us lacking progression and foresight. Without roots the tree doesn't grow. With our roots now firmly planted, it's time for Special Sauce to grow exponentially. Our newest location will stay true to what we have become infamous for, and will also broaden it's selection to welcome emerging brands and continue to spread street culture couture for men and now the ladies. With that being said, stay with us to be up on the latest word. We are cooking up a few choice recipe's for you, that is sure to satisfy even the most discriminating palate!