Tuesday, March 31


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The last few months we've been laying low and keeping busy in the lab blending some new concoctions. We're excited to partner up with the talented artist Indie 184, in celebrating her upcoming art exhibition in Brooklyn. The event will feature 16 of the most influential women in graffiti and street art- past and present, including Martha Cooper, Claw Money & Fafi to start. Special Sauce will be sponsoring a gift bag for one lucky guy and gal. Show your support- Ladies represent! Guys don't be bashful!

Get up for the get down and join us. Full report after the jump...

The upcoming "Queenz Arrive" art exhibit celebrates selected matriarchs of contemporary graffiti culture. This elite group of international female artists
will showcase their intricate styles and personalities; bringing a refreshing perspective on the street art gallery scene.

Abby(NYC/NC),Claw Money (NYC), Mickey (Amsterdam), Hera (Germany), Nina (Brazil), Fafi (Paris), Siloette (San Francisco), Acet (New Jersey), Zori4 (Puerto Rico), Spice (Australia), EGR (Canada), Koralie (NYC/FRANCE),
Klor (Canada), Femme9 (Kansas), Sherm (Los Angeles), Martha Cooper (NYC), INDIE184(NYC)

Exhibition: April 10- May 4, 2009
Opening Reception: Friday, April 10, 7-10pm
Location: McCaig Welles Gallery
Sponsors: 123 Klan, Anatittude, ArtPrimo, Hellz Bellz,
Kid Robot, Kweenz Destroy, Metro Plastique, Powerhouse Books, Rawthentix, Special Sauce, Superfresh Design,
Trashbag Aesthetics, Violette, NYC

Ladies, do you have a wild side?...

'Cause Billabong seems to think so...

They are dropping a collection of brights infused with jungle themes and animal prints. Be prepared to rock out in a variety of interchangeable tunic style tops from day to night. Ladies don't be shy, find your inner wild side starting off with these options for the season. Get flossed!

L.L. Ne$$

Night Cat Tank
Available Colorways: Black/White, Purple/Fuchsia

Shorthang Tunic

Pink Lady Cami
Available Colorways: Fuchsia/Grey, Grey/White

NEW ARRIVAL| Analog Tees

Analog kick starts the season off with a variety of bold graphic t-shirts.
Below are four of our favorite picks which pay tribute to spray can art,
the '60s revolution and "gangter" pop culture. Available at both of our Bayshore and Huntington locations.

Japingo Tee
Available Colorways: Charcoal, Purple

Venerator Tee

Helmut Tee
Available Colorways: Opti, Foam

Shooter Tee
Available Colorways: Silver, Black, White

Monday, March 23


(This is not the final version cover)

We've been actively involved within the graffiti community prior to and since Sauce was born in '94. For those of you that find yourselves in dire straits for a legit street art publication, be sure to visit Graffiti Magazine.

Our fam over in Germany cover the latest news to drop from the Rhein/Ruhr district and other regions of Europe. The 11th issue of GM will officially drop on 4.10.09 and will cover content from the previous issue including: trains, walls, tags, t-ups, as well as interviews and reports with BLOW CREW Pt.2, NILS M√úLLER, SHAD, SLOW, PAXDIODE, FAME BY LIES and a special features by KORF & AKSE.

Stay tuned for more after the jump including our upcoming "Urban Vibes" exhibition with SEMOR in April, and a visit in May from BABAKONE (Dedicated).

Sunday, March 22

VANS "Birth Of Icons"

Founded in 1966 under the original name Van Doren Rubber Company, Vans will be releasing a collectible book entitled Birth Of Icons on June 1st. For an inside look into the company and brand you can watch a short video here.

Thursday, March 19

Stussy Ladies x Hellz Bellz Capsule Collection

Thought we forgot about you?- Not a chance...
The first of many tasty treats for the ladies to rock and look sweet...

Inspired by Russian criminal tattoos and all things bad ass about women,
the anticipated drop of the Stussy x Hellz collaboration is finally here
just in time for ladies to set things off proper. Fittingly entitled "Ladies First", creator Lanie Alabanza of Hellz has created a capsule collection that includes: graphic tees, puff sleeve jacket and tote bag. Exclusively available in limited quanties, it is availalbe for you at our Huntington location.


Puff Sleeve Jacket

Stilleto Killah Tee
Available in: Fuschia & White

Shackle Tee
Available in: White & Fuschia

Check It Tote

Upper Playground x Emerica x Billabong

Fresh out the box and right on to your back...

Upper Playground gears up with the release of a fresh new batch of tees just in time to brighten up your Spring swagger.

The season includes 16 t-shirt designs from artists that include: Augor, Hort, Maxx 242, Adnauseum, Caleb Kozlowski, Munk One, Patrick Martinez, Jeremy Fish, Sam Flores and Estevan Oriol. Here are four new graphics from the collection to start you off with.

Shoe Box Tee
Designed by: Denis Kennedy

Grap Drink Tee
Designed by: Augor

Rise Up Tee
Designed by: Caleb Kozlowski

Walrus Skull Tee
Designed by: Maxx 242

EMERICA| Brewski Hoodie

Get your fill of hops without the hang over...

Prism Tee

Fader Tee

Tuesday, March 17

NEW ARRIVAL| "A Fly in the Champagne"


Irons Brothers Productions is pleased to announce their newest project entitled "A Fly in the Champagne".

Known as two of the most influential surfers of all time, the rivalry and dislike between Andy Irons and Kelly Slater has been
highly publicized through out the years. Irons Brothers embarked on a two-week excursion to Indonesia with Andy and Kelly to capture what everyone thought could never happen, a trip together. Shot from land, boat, and water, Irons Brothers Productions with co-sponsorship from Billabong®, Quiksilver®, ESPN® and Transworld Surf®, capture this historical moment.

*DVD currently available at our Bayshore location.

Get a sneak peak here:

Sunday, March 15

PULSE MAGAZINE| March '09 Issue

A few weeks back we were approached by the folks over at LI Pulse Magazine for a product editorial feature. We provided a few wearable treats for the current March '09 issue. Many thanks to them for the outreach.

Featured Product:

VANS- Rowley "Shambles" (White Hi-Top)
ES- Theory (Brown/Black/Olive Mid)
DVS- Francisco (White Loafer/Faux Fur Lining)
BRIXTON- Gain Hat (Khaki Felt/Feather) | Stroll Hat (Grey Wool)

*Available in our Huntington location.

Friday, March 13

Quagmire & Brooklyn Projects

Already released and available at both of our store locations...
If you didn't get the memo the first time around on the Sauce site NEWS section, here's another go for you.

These SB's are the latest collaboration efforts between Nike SB with LA based store Brooklyn Projects. The colorway is officially being deemed as halo/zitron, consisting of a vibrant color palette of blue, green, yellow, and beige.

The SB Dunks inspired by the Family Guy character Glenn Quagmire feature an upper constructed of blue nubuck and canvas representing his jeans and red nubuck and gold stars signifying his shirt.

For additional product details and availability be sure to visit our Sauce site.

Sunday, March 8


Do you have what it takes to design and reign supreme for your coast?
Now is your chance to put your creative juices to the test and show Nike
what you're made of. For a full read and competition details visit here.

Capsule Collection & Video

As part of the remaining Vans x Bad Brains 2009 collection (not to be confused with last years Vans| Supreme| Bad Brains Fall/Winter collaboration), the release includes three capsule tee's featuring a photo print
t-shirt as well as two pieces of album artwork from Bad Brains (1982)
and Build a Nation (2007). For availability visit our online store. Be in the know and watch the video for a retrospective look on the band that helped to define a musical movement.

1992 T-Shirt

Quickness T-Shirt

Jah Lion T-Shirt

ALTAMONT| Spring Delivery I

The first delivery from the Spring '09 Altamont collection is available at both of our Special Sauce locations and our online store. Peep a few of our noteworthy picks...

Head Trip II | Suede Leopard Embossed New Era Cap
Available: Black & Bone Colorway

Digs Zip Hoody
Available: Purple & Red Colorway

H-TOWN Tee | Slimmer Fit

Rastah T-shirt

Jammin' T-Shirt


We're gearing up for the season and what will hope to be a solid year for the '09. We kick start things off by welcoming two new member to our surf team, Pat Fallon and Blake Ferraro. Be sure to visit our Team page their for more details.

Thursday, March 5

VANS Spring Release

We know that many of you have been craving to hot step into some ivory clean sneakers.Last week we received the first of many brand shipments to kick start the new '09 Spring season off proper. In the meantime stay in the know, as we broadcast our latest offerings available to you at both of our locations.

Additional blasts coming to you shortly...

VANS "Bad Brains" SK8 HI

Vans pays homage with their latest SK8 HI tribute to the iconic American Hardcore/Punk/Reggae band Bad Brains. The colorway is inspired by
their self titled full-length studio album from 1982.

VANS "Wainwright" Fourty-Four HI

With much anticipation the drop of the "Wainwright" as part of the Europe vs. East vs. West Fourty-Four HI has finally arrived. Straight out of Bristol, UK skater Danny Wainwright has collaborated with Vans to produce this black suede HI as part of the 5-Pack release.

VANS- Chukka LOW

These were formerly known as the "Trepasso" colorway

MID (Pig Suede|Teal)

The debut of the Johnny Layton MID in a Suede Teal colorway has been upgraded with a new feel and aesthetic representative of mid top basketball shoes that were used by skaters during the 1970s.