Wednesday, April 29

URBAN VIBES Exhibit Drops

This past Saturday we hosted the "Urban Vibes" show with the artist Semor.
Big ups to all those who made it out to support- it was truly a success.
This was the first event to be hosted in our new Huntington Village location.
The house was packed and the crowd was live, with sounds provided by our resident DJ Nick Pepe. A special thanks to all our fam who kept things moving- you know who you are!

For those that woke up late- the exhibit will be open to the public and running until May 16th. By request, those interested will be able to purchase the artwork showcased from the exhibition. In the meantime peep the slide below to view some of the work featured. Otherwise be sure to visit a few snaps provided by Elixabet. More images to follow after the jump.

Saturday, April 18


Time to clean house...out with the old, in with the new.
There's 2 days left to pick up some threads on all the brands you love,
that include: Nike SB, Diamond, Upper Playground, Altamont, Hellz Bellz, RVCA
and many more...

Friday, April 17

Upper Playground x Diamond

The latest round of t-shirts from Upper Playground and Diamond Supply Co. are inspired by alternate layers of dreams and madness. We drop some purple clouds and pink bunnies, comedic head tripsters, heavy metal mayhem and some baseball furies for your mind. Get your pleasure fix while supplies last.

***Available Both: MEN & Women Sizes***

Twelve Grain| "Cloud Bunnies" by Sam Flores
Upper Playground| "Kush" by Denis Kennedy

Upper Playground| "Quill" by Maxx 242
Super Fishal| "Surf's Up" by Jeremy Fish
Upper Playground| "Grill" by Estevan Oriol
Fifty23SF| "Dope Masters" by Munk One
The Dutch Masters have been replaced by the newly-appointed
Dope Masters, featuring the world's greatest connoisseurs of green bud.

The latest design from the Knoxx lifestyle brand include having joined forces with the Diamond Supply Co. and the release of their inspired design tribute of the 1979 cult classic "The Warriors".


Click to Enlarge

Monday, April 13


...and the winner is?...

Thanks to all those who made it out to the QUEENZ ARRIVE opening reception last Friday in Brooklyn, it was a blast! More so we has the chance to team up with its curator, host and artist Indie 184. It was a great opportunity to give back in a small way and be involved, as well as to contribute a special his and her raffle giveaway. You should have seen everyone's face (priceless). Especially those who missed out.

Within an hours time the gallery occupancy filled to capacity with guests spilling out the front door. Luckily the lingering heat in the air was easily put to the way side with complimentary free beer. Everyone showed up that night to support the artists works showcased that included: Fafi, Claw$, Klor, Nina and Siloette to name a few. Guests included photography and hip hop pioneers Charlie Ahearn (Wild Style), Henry Chalfant (Style Wars) and Martha Cooper. We had the chance to catch up with each of them and get their take on on street and graffiti culture- past and present. Be on the look out for something special to drop in the future.

Here are a few flicks to keep your hunger at bay. To view all images visit the: "QUEENZ ARRIVE" URL link.

All Images via: Elixabet

...she turned from an "Angel to a Demon" with a pair of Nike SB's,
Secret Society and new Special Sauce "Prolific" tee.

...he left but came back for some Nike SB 'Brooklyn Projects,
"Rise Up" Upper Playground and Special Sauce tee.

...with Indie184 & Henry Chalfant the mood for love? -with L'Amour Supreme"

...She came out rockin' an original back piece on her denim jacket- Martha Cooper

Indie & Charlie Ahearn

Saturday, April 11

"Nitraid" Dunk MID ELITE SB


The anticipation has been building around the NITRAID and SB collaboration, following up to their previous Air Force 1 release. Based out of Tokyo, the Japanese skate-themed inspired brand drops the Dunk Mid featuring: burgundy colored stiching and liner, premium black leather/suede blend and a signature digi-camo designed strap and heel. Additional mentions include the goldfish design insole. Peep the heat...

...Because we're chock full of information here's some more visual stimulation. Nitraid has also produced a movie with SB set to release on DVD soon.
Stay tuned...

NIKE SB| April Release Pt. II

Get playful with the remaining SB tee's that include the "ICON WOODY"
in a red (previously shown in white|winter green), as well as
the "SOCK PUPPET" t-shirt in (white| red) and (lemonade|gray).

The final April sneaker styles include two Quickstrikes. The "KISSES" Blazer materials consist of a midwest gold canvas upper with a suede accent,
and an all over leopard pattern style made up of black lips.

The DUNK LOW Pro SB have a striking resemblance to the "Venoms" and the “Weiger”(based after Wieger Van Wageningen). The colorway combination is predominantly black with a grip tape style toe box and suede base with a white midsole and check.

Wednesday, April 8


Much more niceness to post...

In the meantime here are a few Nike SB pieces for the release of April.
Come get your proper fix of spring time green.

The collection includes the above items:

Sneakers Only Jacket- (Color: Bone)
Pays tribute to the 80's iconic Members Only
brand that made wearing poly cotton blend a staple.

Yarn Dye Hoody (Color: Pine)

Iconic Wood T-shirt (Color: Winter Green)

Dot Stripe 5 Panel Hat (Color: Pine)


We finally drop a new design for your mind...
Available at both of our locations for men in black/white (M-XL)
and in black/fuschia for the ladies (S-L)

Pronunciation: \prə-ˈli-fik\
Function: adjective
Etymology: French prolifique, from Middle French, from Latin proles
+ Middle French -Date: 1650

1: producing young or fruit especially freely : fruitful
2: archaic- causing abundant growth, generation, or reproduction
3: marked by abundant inventiveness or productivity (a prolific composer)

Sunday, April 5

Rich Mahogany World Premier

NIKE SB: March & April Releases

That deep winter chill is coming to a wrap (we hope)- it's time to shed the layers and renew our soles. Start by cleaning out your closet clutter
by freshening up your footwear with the latest to drop from Nike SB. We received the April release along with a few restocks of the "Angel & Devil's".

The revamped Todd Jordan Dunk High was to release under the pseudonym Heaven's Gate, based on the San Diego religious cult led by Marshall Applewhite. Due to legalities, the original model was never produced the first time around- but instead had its colorway switched up and renamed the "Unheaven's Gate".

"Unheaven's Gates"- DUNK HIGH PRO SB

Dark Teal/White- CLASSIC SB


"Workwear Mid"- DUNK MID Premium SB
This is the Justin Brock colorway, number three in the series of four.

The Grant Taylor rasta inspired colorway, number four in a series of four.

"Angel & Devil"- DUNK LOW PREMIUM
The Daryl Angel dunk colorway- we recieved a restock as part of the March release.


Sauce fam member and team rider Josh Goetz getting some
air time. Many thanks to Northeast Sessions for the snapshot and love.