Monday, April 13


...and the winner is?...

Thanks to all those who made it out to the QUEENZ ARRIVE opening reception last Friday in Brooklyn, it was a blast! More so we has the chance to team up with its curator, host and artist Indie 184. It was a great opportunity to give back in a small way and be involved, as well as to contribute a special his and her raffle giveaway. You should have seen everyone's face (priceless). Especially those who missed out.

Within an hours time the gallery occupancy filled to capacity with guests spilling out the front door. Luckily the lingering heat in the air was easily put to the way side with complimentary free beer. Everyone showed up that night to support the artists works showcased that included: Fafi, Claw$, Klor, Nina and Siloette to name a few. Guests included photography and hip hop pioneers Charlie Ahearn (Wild Style), Henry Chalfant (Style Wars) and Martha Cooper. We had the chance to catch up with each of them and get their take on on street and graffiti culture- past and present. Be on the look out for something special to drop in the future.

Here are a few flicks to keep your hunger at bay. To view all images visit the: "QUEENZ ARRIVE" URL link.

All Images via: Elixabet

...she turned from an "Angel to a Demon" with a pair of Nike SB's,
Secret Society and new Special Sauce "Prolific" tee.

...he left but came back for some Nike SB 'Brooklyn Projects,
"Rise Up" Upper Playground and Special Sauce tee.

...with Indie184 & Henry Chalfant the mood for love? -with L'Amour Supreme"

...She came out rockin' an original back piece on her denim jacket- Martha Cooper

Indie & Charlie Ahearn

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