Friday, April 17

Upper Playground x Diamond

The latest round of t-shirts from Upper Playground and Diamond Supply Co. are inspired by alternate layers of dreams and madness. We drop some purple clouds and pink bunnies, comedic head tripsters, heavy metal mayhem and some baseball furies for your mind. Get your pleasure fix while supplies last.

***Available Both: MEN & Women Sizes***

Twelve Grain| "Cloud Bunnies" by Sam Flores
Upper Playground| "Kush" by Denis Kennedy

Upper Playground| "Quill" by Maxx 242
Super Fishal| "Surf's Up" by Jeremy Fish
Upper Playground| "Grill" by Estevan Oriol
Fifty23SF| "Dope Masters" by Munk One
The Dutch Masters have been replaced by the newly-appointed
Dope Masters, featuring the world's greatest connoisseurs of green bud.

The latest design from the Knoxx lifestyle brand include having joined forces with the Diamond Supply Co. and the release of their inspired design tribute of the 1979 cult classic "The Warriors".

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