Friday, March 13

Quagmire & Brooklyn Projects

Already released and available at both of our store locations...
If you didn't get the memo the first time around on the Sauce site NEWS section, here's another go for you.

These SB's are the latest collaboration efforts between Nike SB with LA based store Brooklyn Projects. The colorway is officially being deemed as halo/zitron, consisting of a vibrant color palette of blue, green, yellow, and beige.

The SB Dunks inspired by the Family Guy character Glenn Quagmire feature an upper constructed of blue nubuck and canvas representing his jeans and red nubuck and gold stars signifying his shirt.

For additional product details and availability be sure to visit our Sauce site.

1 comment:

Matt said...

I know you guys got those in, but did you get the Black / Blue (with some red trim around the swoosh) Dunk Low SB "Daryl Angels" in at all? The ones with the Heaven/Hell insoles?