Monday, March 23


(This is not the final version cover)

We've been actively involved within the graffiti community prior to and since Sauce was born in '94. For those of you that find yourselves in dire straits for a legit street art publication, be sure to visit Graffiti Magazine.

Our fam over in Germany cover the latest news to drop from the Rhein/Ruhr district and other regions of Europe. The 11th issue of GM will officially drop on 4.10.09 and will cover content from the previous issue including: trains, walls, tags, t-ups, as well as interviews and reports with BLOW CREW Pt.2, NILS M√úLLER, SHAD, SLOW, PAXDIODE, FAME BY LIES and a special features by KORF & AKSE.

Stay tuned for more after the jump including our upcoming "Urban Vibes" exhibition with SEMOR in April, and a visit in May from BABAKONE (Dedicated).

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