Sunday, February 22


Vernon Courtlandt Johnson is the original mastermind and creator of the iconic "Ripper" that has been one of the most recognized and replicated
graphics in the skate and underground circuit since its inception in 1978
and made so popular starting off with the Bones Brigade.

Photographer and artist Désirée Astorga teamed up with Powell|Peralta
to curate the project, which paid tribute to the graphic by hosting the
"Rip the Ripper" art show at ASR Trade show in San Diego this past January 22-24th. To celebrate the event, the works of fifty-eight established artists including Don Pendelton, Lance Mountain, Shepard Fairey and Steve Caballero were gathered to create and interpret their image of the Ripper.

If you're feeling a little nostalgic (or just curious) the artwork is available
to view and purchase via Skateone. The pieces range between $300 to $5000 for a piece of skate history. For those of you who are a little tight in the budget (isn't everyone) don't worry, a book will also be available on Skateone shortly.

In the meantime view the video and slide below for more information
and to get an inside look of the exhibition. Stay tuned.

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