Friday, February 20

Altamont| Emerica| Nike SB

We think its safe to say that most everyone is DONE with this winters unpredictability. With the remaining week left for the month of February, we received our last and newest arrivals from Analog, Emerica and Nike SB. If you're hungry for some new sweets- we have some color filled treats to help tie you over until March.- ENJOY!

Analog- Profile Zip Hoodie

EMERICA- HSU Denim Jean (Purple/Black Colorway)

EMERICA- Slappy TRE Cord (Brown Corduroy)

The remaining NEW SB general releases for February include:

• 4 T-shirt designs (separate delivery)
• 4 Snap-back adjustable hats (two of which have arrived)
• Icon crew
• Half-zip fleece hoodie
• Varsity coach style jacket
• Perforated black leather/teal wallet.

Purple Plaid & Pale Blue Fitted

Icon Crew- (Yellow/Navy Colorway)

Half Zip Fleece- (Grey/Pale Blue Colorway)

Coach Jacket- (Yelow/Navy Colorway)

Perforated Wallet (Black /Teal Leather)

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josh said...

tehy have sick stuff i want to win