Wednesday, December 24


Its been a minute since we've had a chance to write an update on the
latest happenings here at Special Sauce. With the holiday crunch in full
swing, our fam and staff have been dedicated to holding it down at both of
our locations in Bayshore.

Now, for those that woke up late- Yes, the dissemination of information is
true. With close to nearly a 15 year savory recipe, our gastronomers have
concocted our third master creation with the opening of our newest store
front in the heart of Huntington Village. Since opening our doors three
and a half weeks ago, its safe to say that most of us have been left in a
haze. While change is always a motivating challenge, the support of our
existing and growing clientele make for a new chapter in the Sauce

Located an hour by train outside of NYC, the 3,600 sq.ft. space maintains
its rooted foundation in street, skate, and snow. Emphasis will be placed
on more limited and emerging street wear brands, with a growing selection
included for the ladies. In the spring of 2009, our second floor will open
up to a loft style space to showcase a variety of rotating artist showings, brand collaborations, pre-line viewing, and additional office

In the meantime...

If you haven't cruised over to Huntington, no worries. Here are a few
images that will peak your curiosity . There's still much work to be done,
but we're off to a bright start. Frequent our website and blog for the latest scoop on brand arrivals and events, including our grand opening party to follow after the new year. You won't want to miss this event! Be sure to add yourself to our Myspace. You'll also soon be seeing us on Facebook in the new year as well.



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