Friday, August 21


With the end of summer coming to a close it doesn't feel like the fall breeze is anywhere to be found just yet. Heat and all the Sauce collective have been keeping on the grind with revamps, build outs and upcoming events planned for all you guys and dolls. Be on the lookout as we will be gearing up this November for an artist gallery showing and very special cancer benefit that you will not want to miss out on- sponsors galore! In the meantime here are the latest digs for all you lovely ladies out there. Swing on by and give us a smile.

RVCA | Virtue Top & Savior Legging pant
The latest to drop in-house from RVCA includes a very virtuous ensemble that will save you from any situation. Silk and faux-leather never looked so inviting.

STUSSY | Stock Link Crew

STUSSY | Kaleidescope Tunic Dress

STUSSY | (L-R) Vintage Cut Tunic, Riptorn Tunic
Tonal V-Neck, Arrow Tote

STUSSY | Bomber Jacket, Plaid Button Down, Aztec Bag

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