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It's hard to believe that it has been over 15 years since we first opened our original shop in Bayshore. Indeed it has been a long time since our 'massive' last congregated!...

For 2009 we have created a new chapter to be added to our history books, and what feels to be a challenging future for Special Sauce. Many of you have grown up with us- some of you now having your own families...hopefully sharing some time capsule moments with them. It hasn't always been easy (can anyone honestly say it ever is?). Most will probably agree that this year will mark as being one of the most challenging yet. There will be those who love and hate you- sometimes both at the same time. We welcome all to critique with open arms.

(Crowded & in a daze)
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(Red Bull on display)

We finally dropped our Opening party to celebrate the Special Sauce Flagship in Huntington Village. Last Thursday, May 21st we hosted a 3 hour (and of course went an extra hour) In-Store Mixer for friends & media . We kept things moving with an After-Party that started around 10PM at the Artful Dodger. Props to DJs: Myles, Big Chris, Dennis Fernando, Derek Sessions & Rob James for holding it down. The house was jumpin' and the space was packed solid!

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With red carpet under foot (provided by our fam over at Extra Butter- many thanks for your support), guests were greeted through our doors with mood lit chandeliers, and camera's flashing courtesy of Tony "Memento" and Elixabet. To make sure that our snap-shooters had a proper photo-op backdrop, we made this an affair to be remembered by featuring a brand wall to showcase all 17 brand sponsors, created by the talented artist and graphic designer Twitch.

("Memento" takes his turn)

(Twitch and Dade Deon Fairchild of DDF Clothing )

The evening's main course of beats were a blend of originals and breaks, mixed by our always friendly maestro DJ Nick Pepe, served with three times the gastronomic goodness of Josh, Josh, Josh. We were blessed to have a mix of chatter friendly faces (new & old) for the entire event that seemed to spill out the front door, while our Bboy/Bgirl fam kept the energy moving. A big shout to our floor rockers: Super Freeze, Ivan (Urban Action Figure), Leo, Smiles, Red Fox, Scuba, Static, Problems, Gabe (Charlemagne) and everyone else who came through....

(Josh & Nick serving up the musicality)

To keep our guests from going hungry we served up a few tasty bites by candlelight, with spirits provided by ALCHEMIA Polish Vodka. Creator and owner Agata worked hands on with us in advance to craft four signature drinks by using Alchemia infused Wild Cherry and Crystal Clear flavors. (Nothing like a little shameless plug for our peeps!). We turned on the charm by serving everything in rock & highballer glassware. If you haven't tried this vodka- do so, you won't be disappointed!

Most of us by this time had our heads spinning with the turnout (WOW!). To thank everyone we had 125 gift bags properly prepared via RAW Creative PR. (Shout to Lady Smiles for all her efforts and endless hours helping to prepare those damn things!) The fellas & ladies walked away with gift product provided in Sauce bags and VANS totes. A major thanks to the brands that not only donated their product, but their time: Nike SB, sparkles by Cubannie Links, Upper Playground, Hellz Bellz ('always a crime for all seasons- thanks to the entire HB collective ;), Dedicated & Graffiti Magazine for being real, new music from Universal Music, Alison from Red Bull, Elwood, Nixon, Bula, RARE, Your's Truly Brand, Kweenz Destroy and lastly the talented Dana La Rock for supplying her promo CDs.

(Time to get gifted)

Whew...that was a lot! With all that being said, thank you to EVERYONE for making us who we are. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for us all summer long.- In the meantime here are a few images to get you going- many more pics to post within the week. Until next time...

(Pete & Chris w/Tyler)

(DJ Myles- Triple Crown/ The Hump, nyc)

(Pulse Magazine Creator Nada w/Nessa)

(L'Amour Supreme & Pete)

(Blue coctail surprise)

(Our man Pat...priceless!)

(Smiles fighting bullshit...Paul wonders how)

(VANS man Dave....Challah!)

(Anika, BabakOne- Dedicated, Germany & graffiti legend ROS)

(Mata & Dave)

(Myles hits the After-Party)

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