Wednesday, January 28

Triumvir x P-Rod II Highs
Purple Blazer x Batman Mids
Venoms x Black/White Blazer

...And to make sure your soles are properly kept, we received an additional shipment of RE-STOCKS of the following:

Batman MIDS
Black & White Blazer HIGHS

PREMIUM Purple Blazers

*Supplies are limited call for details.

First time around we sold out of these two styles before we had the chance to make any mention.

"Triumvir" Dunk MID
So here's a brief background check for your reading pleasure.
Also being dubbed the "Shanghai", the latest release from Nike SB is the latest collaboration with Brandon Cheng and Brian Cheng and their brand Triumvir. The Mid was inspired by a Beijing natives perspective of their own city. The design and concept of the shoe details the cities congested highways, traffic, dust, love for noodles, Tienanmen Square, and the capital of China.
If your interested to learn more, visit here for more detailed information.



If you missed it the first time around, here's your second chance.
As part of the unexpected quickstrike release, this brand new model coincides with the previously posted Houndstooth Baseball Jacket & Hat Pack. The P-Rod II is made of a tonal brown upper and features a host of quality materials which include nubuck, leather, suede, mesh and brown ‘houndstooth’ material.

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