Saturday, January 30

Envy On the Coast x Lights Resolve Acoustic Performance

Images Courtesy:
*Greg Straightedge (Excercise Compassion)
J. Leek & Sarah F.

A lot to catch up on...this past Saturday we got together with Sparrow Media and 200+ guests for a last minute benefit to support the tragedy in Haiti. Thanks to the efforts of our man Andy who brought in the acoustic chops of Long Island's own Envy On The Coast, Lights Resolve and Taking Back Sunday's own Matt Fazzi. A special shout to James Kennedy for his love. Fans and supporters poured into our Huntington location with much needed supplies and money donations that are now on their way to Haiti to support 5 families. We have to thank everyone that came through for this showcase. Take a look at a few snaps.

Monday, January 25

RED BULL STRATOS | Mission To The Edge Of Space - Trailer

The latest groundbreaking project from our friends over at Red Bull.
You may just pass out from watching it. Talk about a rush...

The mission will take our renowned athlete, Felix Baumgartner, to at least 120,000 feet above the earth, to the very edge of Space. From there, he will attempt a stratospheric free fall jump - the longest in the history of man - and hopefully will become the first human to break the speed of sound with his own body. We are extremely excited about the possibilities of Red Bull Stratos, a mission to overcome limits which have existed for almost fifty years, ever since the heroic achievement of the young US Air Force test pilot, Joe Kittinger, with his 1960 ‘Excelsior’ mission.

Red Bull Stratos will attempt to make history and deliver valuable learnings for medical and scientific advancement that will aid the exploration of space in future years. In addition, a possible four world records are at stake. Felix will attempt to jump from higher, for longer, falling further and faster than any human before him. It is a complex and challenging undertaking, truly a step into the unknown. Red Bull and Felix have brought together the most outstanding group of scientists to take on this challenge, all leaders in their fields of physiology, aerospace medicine, engineering, aeronautics, stratospheric balloon flight and pressure suit development.

Saturday, January 23

NIKE SB | January Release- "LOST" Pack

Nike SB drops their January Quickstrike pack that includes the "Dharma" Blazer High and the "Oceanic Airlines" Dunk High, both inspired by the show LOST in anticipation of its final season. Full size run at box price available at both our store locations.

The beige colorway draws inspiration from the uniforms by the fictional research group called the DHARMA Initiative. As part of SB's eco-friendly initiative, the sneaker includes a clever hit marked on the heel and the insole with the word “SHOE” in reference to the no frills supplies provided on the island.

The Dunk High goes bright this month with turqoise/germain blue and fuschia colorway, representitive of the ficticious airline "OCEANIC" Flight 815 that crashed on the mysterious island.

Thursday, January 7

ISLAND TO ISLAND Exhibition | Saturday, January 23rd.

Out with the old and in with a new year of creative drops. Mark your calendar and join us Saturday, January 23rd, at 8pm in our Huntington location.
We've teamed up with artist Brent Gentile (607 Visual) otherwise working under the pseudonym DCVII to showcase his newest works and a live installation. Get to know Gentile with this short teaser (peep the video to the right)courtesy of Sparrow Media. Sponsorship provided by our global fam- Dedicated, Graffiti Magazine, RAW and Berentzen. A full recap after the blast.

HAZEL "Beat Loaf" Teaser
Video Premier @ Sauce in Huntington

We're going to be dropping the new video Beat Loaf from Hazel with a premier Thursday, February 5th @ 8pm in our Huntington location. In the meantime here's a small tease. Come and support...

Wednesday, January 6


patrick ryan on Vimeo.

We're happy to report our man Pat is finally home from his extended vacation. Here's two weeks worth of debauchery compiled into four minutes. Virginia, Savannah, Orlando and ending up in Pennsylvania- Killed it.